Air Pollution Petition

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Keep Clear road markings at kerbside bus stop shelters

Children are advised to keep away from the busiest roads as pollution concentrates around the heaviest traffic. The bus stops children use to get to school are on the busiest roads.

Children are advised to stand back away from the road as engines are often left running in stationary traffic. The bus stop shelters children wait at are kerbside next to the exhaust of idling vehicles.

Specific effects of air pollution on children include reduced lung function growth during childhood, a higher incidence of respiratory infections, a higher susceptibility to the development of asthma and deteriorating health conditions in children with asthma.

Babies in buggies and young children are closer to the vehicle exhaust and breathe the highest concentrations.┬áLet’s make travelling to nursery and school a little safer for our children by asking drivers not to idle their vehicles in front of kerbside bus stop shelters.