Driver Awareness

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Many drivers are still unaware of the impact idling their vehicle has on the children around them.

Drivers should not stop and idle their vehicles directly in front of people waiting at kerbside bus stop shelters.

Breathing high concentrations of vehicle exhaust is harmful. The closer the idling vehicle’s exhaust is to a person the greater the concentration of toxic air they breathe.

Babies in buggies and young children are closest to vehicles’ exhaust and breathe high concentrations of toxic fumes that can stunt the growth of their small developing lungs.

Keep clear road markings will help but in the meantime we’ve created a few posters we think might help reduce idling at kerbside bus stop shelters.

Keep Clear. No idling. Air pollution stunts my lung growth.

If you’d like to see these posters at your child’s bus stop shelter, please get in touch.