NO 2 idling Petition

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New idling law to protect the most vulnerable

An idling vehicle produces enough toxic exhaust emissions to fill 150 balloons every minute. It’s against the law to leave a vehicle engine running whilst parked yet motorists idle where they like and for a long as they like with impunity.

A fine for idling can only be issued if a driver refuses to switch off their engine once a council officer has asked them to and waited 2-5 minutes, which is equivalent to 300-750 balloons filling with harmful chemicals including cyanide.

Switching off and restarting a vehicle engine burns around the same amount of fuel as idling for 7-10 seconds. Diesel engine exhaust is carcinogenic group 1 like tobacco smoke, it stunts children’s lung & brain growth and shortens lives.

We need new idling law and enforcement that prioritises babies & children above the convenience & comfort of drivers. Adults must no longer be allowed to poison children and our planet with this unnecessary burning of fuel.

New idling law would ensure the owner of an idling vehicle is issued one warning with information about air pollution, climate change and idling law and if the vehicle is caught idling again the owner would receive an instant and substantial fine.